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Immerse In The Sacred Cedars Life


“The Drum...the drum that sounds the rhythm...the rhythm of the heartbeat...the heartbeat of the Mother...the Mother Earth that supports all life...the lives of our ancestors...the ancestors that birthed us...from one heart to the next, to the next, and on down the line. We are all connected by this heartbeat. The drum, connects us to that ancestral heartbeat, where we can access our wisdom, that magical place where everything is possible.”   ~Anonymous 

Indigenous peoples from around the world, have used drums in their spiritual practices. For playing music, visioning, and healing. Every drum, has its own spirit, its own essence, its own purpose. There is a certain element of alchemy that happens when the animal nation, the tree nation, and the human spirit comes together in unity.

In this class, you will have the opportunity to find YOUR Drum Ally. Whether you use it for ceremony, healing, or journeying, that's between you and your drum. I, personally, prefer to make my own ceremonial tools. There is no substitute for the connection that you create when it comes from your own hands and your own heart.

We will begin this class by journeying, to find your drum ally and set your intention for your drum. You then will make your drum using this guidance from spirit. We will work together, creating and birthing a new drum spirit that is here for you and only you. 


Cost: $400, includes materials

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Ceremonial Hand Drum Making

Saturday, November 5 -  Sunday, November 6, 2022

Sacred Cedars Wilderness School

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