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Summer Art of Sacred Living Immersion

Immerse yourself into the wild!

  • Starts Jul 19
  • 1,750 US dollars
  • Hidden Bear Retreat Center

Available spots

Service Description

July 19-26 at Hidden Bear Lodge, Clark Fork, Idaho Join us from July 19-26 for an immersive journey into the Art of Sacred Discover the Art of Sacred Living—an inspiring practice that elevates survival to an art form. It's an immersive journey, a sacred way of existing that honors the beauty of nature and the inter-connectedness of all living beings and our role within it as humans. Join us for a transformative week-long retreat in the heart of the untamed wilderness—devoid of electronics and distractions of modern life. Here, you'll liberate yourself from the weight of daily responsibilities and embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and natural connection. Learn ancestral wilderness living skills, building confidence and self-reliance. There is something about the ancestral skills that ignite the primordial force from deep within. It is recorded in your DNA. It’s your birthright to connect to this ancient wisdom used by our ancestors to survive. Immerse yourself fully in nature as you learn to listen beyond words and awaken your intuition, a compass leading you towards making the right decisions. By slowing down and embracing the art of BEING, you'll discover that life becomes effortless. Your nervous system, no longer trapped in the relentless flight, fight, or freeze response, will transition into a state of rest and digest. Being in a constant state of survival is the root cause of all inflammation and auto-immune diseases. The Art of Sacred Living empowers you to thrive and flourish." During this captivating immersion, you'll have the opportunity to: - Master core primitive wilderness survival skills. - Deepen your connection with the natural world, forging a profound bond with the earth's rhythms. - Sharpen your awareness, attuning your senses to the subtle whispers of nature. - Learn the art of foraging for wild foods, embracing the nourishment provided by the land. - Uncover the wonders of wild-crafted natural herbal remedies. - Embrace primitive techniques of fishing, trapping, and hunting. - Cultivate gratitude and reciprocity, restoring balance of life. - Deepen your ability to create authentic and lasting relationships. - Be held in a space of self-discovery, guided by experienced mentors. Embark on this extraordinary, life changing adventure. We will be either backpacking or kayaking into a pristine location. Please contact me for any questions or concerns. Meals are included. We are here to support you on this journey.

Contact Details

  • 3067 Mosquito Creek Road, Clark Fork, ID, USA

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