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How To Thrive!





About the Course

Being on Alone was an experience of a life time!  It was a chance to put ALL of my skills to the test. Not just wilderness skills, but the mental, emotional and spiritual skills as well, without interruption of modern day life. Just me and nature! I loved being out there and it showed. What wasn't aired, was what I was doing off camera to keep my vitality up, my physical body humming and my mental attitude positive.

I'd love to share with you my secrets, so that you too can be vital, resilient and positive!

The techniques I used are easy to do and take very little time out of your life. In fact, they ADD time to your life! Some of the techniques, I actually did in my sleeping bag!

In this discussion, we will talk about:

  • How to stay calm and resilient in survival situations

  • Maintain mental clarity under stress

  • Meridians and how they supply energy to all of your organs

  • Being connected and supported by your environment

  • Gratefulness as a dynamic meditation

  • Key acupressure points to stay vital

  • Radiant circuits and how to bring joy to your life

So come join me with a cup of tea and let's find that happy place! 

Have tea, water, snacks/lunch handy.


231 N 3rd Ave suite 105, Sandpoint, ID, USA

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