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In-Person Offering

Winter Wilderness Skills

Sandpoint, ID

Date: TBA for winter 2023

10am - 2pm PST

What are the basic requirements to thrive in the wilderness in snowy winter conditions? This may vary depending on your situation, but in this class we will focus on fire making in wet cold conditions and shelter making. This is an experiential class, so be prepared for the ever-changing, Idaho outdoor weather!

Come join us at Pine Street Woods in Sandpoint, Idaho, for a day of fun and learning for the whole family! Bring snacks, water and lunch. If we succeed at a fire, we can cook lunch over the flames!


Cost: $75


To Register, go to

After class, we can join in on the Kaniksu Folk School Winter Fest for a sledding party from 2-4pm!  Maybe we'll show off our fire making skills and get their fire started for them. ;)


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