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Wild in Wyoming with Cade Cole

  • Starts Aug 9
  • 1,950 US dollars
  • Wyoming

Available spots

Service Description

Ready for a wild week in Wyoming? This August 9-16th, join forces with Cade Cole from "Alone" Season 10 and Karie Lee Knoke, both veterans of surviving the raw wilderness on their own, for a survival skills course that’s all about getting hands-on with nature. We’re not just talking about any survival class; we’re talking about learning from folks who’ve walked the talk, surrounded by the vast beauty of Wyoming, with pack horses in tow to carry our essentials into the wild. What’s Going Down: Pack Horses and Wilderness Walks: Picture yourself stepping deep into untouched landscapes with Cade and Karie, guided by the steady hooves of pack horses. You’ll have the opportunity to learn the ropes of horsemanship, a vital skill for navigating and bonding with these amazing animals as they help us explore further. Eating Wild: It's all about food this week. Cade’s hunting prowess and Karie’s foraging wisdom are on full display as they teach you how to spot, gather, and prep wild edibles and game. Expect to get up-close with nature’s bounty, learning everything from ethical hunting to the fine art of identifying which plants are dinner and which ones are better left untouched. Skill Sets to Master: - Fire craft: Because no one wants to eat their dinner cold. Learn the secrets to sparking life into fire, even when the woods are damp. - Shelter Building: Discover how to craft a snug shelter out of what the forest offers, turning anywhere into home for the night. - Animal Processing: Get real with the circle of life. If you’re going to hunt, knowing how to respectfully use every part of the animal is key. - Hunting, Fishing and Trapping: Dive into the traditional ways of catching your next meal, using the simplest of materials for fishing and trapping. - Archery: Channel your inner archer. Whether you’re a newbie or have some skills, there’s always room to grow in accuracy and technique. Why You’ll Love It: Having Cade and Karie as your guides isn’t just about learning survival skills; it’s about hearing the stories, challenges, and triumphs directly from those who’ve survived "Alone." They bring the authenticity and wisdom of their experiences to every lesson, offering a perspective on wilderness living that’s rooted in real-life challenges and victories. Gear up for a journey of discovery, skill-building, and unforgettable moments in the great outdoors.

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231 N 3rd Ave suite 105, Sandpoint, ID, USA

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