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Pemmican Workshop

From Ancient Traditions to Modern Kitchens: The Art of Pemmican

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Pemmican isn't just a survival food; it's a testament to the resilience of ancient communities and the lasting significance of traditional wisdom. Selected as a pivotal item during my experience on Alone, Season 9, I relied on this potent blend of lean meat, fat, and berries to keep me nourished, even with just one small bite daily. Containing a comprehensive array of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, it's no wonder pemmican has stood the test of time. Course Overview: Historical Context: Delve into the rich past of pemmican, understanding its pivotal role in the diets of indigenous communities and mountain men for generations. Hands-On Experience: While we'll be connecting virtually, expect a hands-on learning session, guiding you through every detail of pemmican crafting, from ingredient selection to the mixing technique. End-Product: Not only will you grasp the art of making pemmican, but you'll also walk away with your very own crafted food bar—ideal as a snack for your outdoor adventures or an essential addition to your emergency kit. Engaging Add-ons: Learn the traditional way of preserving with rawhide and get your queries addressed in our interactive Q&A sessions. Building Community: Beyond crafting, this course serves as a platform to connect, share, and foster relationships with fellow enthusiasts. Materials & Preparations: November 13th, (Part 1): Materials that you need to acquire: * About 2 pounds of frozen extra lean roast (venison, elk, moose, bison, or beef). * A quart of fresh berries, preferably Serviceberry or blueberries. Essentials: Sharp butcher knife, cutting board, marinade ingredients, and either a smoker or a dehydrator. November 16th (Part 2): * 1 pint of Bison tallow (you will receive an exclusive 25% group discount to order upon registering). Essentials: A sturdy mixing bowl, and your choice of a grinding stone, a course-grind mortar and pestle, or a food processor. We will send you: * Preparation guide. * Essential notes in PDF format. * Direct Zoom link or access to the course recording. Whether you're a pemmican aficionado or just stepping into this world, this course promises an enlightening experience, balancing the act of creation with the joy of community connection. Join us, and let's craft, connect, and cherish the old while embracing the new.

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231 N 3rd Ave suite 105, Sandpoint, ID, USA

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