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Sacred Women Circling in the Cedars




1 Week

About the Course

Jessie Krebs and Karie Lee Knoke, the only 2 women on Alone Season 9, are coming together to share wilderness skills with outdoorsy women like you!  Together they hold a wide array of skills and from 2 different philosophies.  Jessie is a SERE instructor with a military background. Her skills are focused on how to survive long enough to get you out of an emergency situation alive and reasonably intact.  Karie Lee is a Primitive Wilderness Skills Instructor, Herbalist and Energy Medicine Practitioner.  Her skills are focused on how our ancestors lived in the wilderness and connecting with nature.

Of course, there are many crossovers, and the arsenal of wisdom that these two women hold in their ‘bug out’ bags, is far beyond anything offered in a typical backcountry excursion.

Jessie and Karie Lee are looking forward to an amazing time with other amazing women like you, out in the wilderness, sharing skills, food, stories and creating a circle of women and most of all, having fun!

During your time with us, you will learn the basic skills of survival, fire, shelter, water and food as well as tips to make your life easier, like knots, containers, fishing, tracking, navigation, archery, etc.  

We go beyond how to survive, but how to thrive in the wilderness.  We call it surthrival!   

But it’s not all balls to the wall!  That’s what guys do.  We will take time to nurture ourselves, enjoy the majestic surroundings, inhale, exhale, and laugh with each other.  We provide a safe container of non-judgement and practice the Art of Humility.  This is the practice of laughing at ourselves when we are not perfect.  

We plan to spend the first couple of days/nights under the magical cedar grove at Sacred Cedars Wilderness School in Sandpoint, Idaho.  When we are ready, we will begin our journey and backpack into the prestigious Selkirk Mountains.  We will practice our newfound skills of foraging along the trail and take a chance at catching fish in the alpine lakes. We practice what we learn as we go. We will return to base camp at Sacred Cedars on Thursday, the 13th and reflect on our week together. Friday morning, we close our circle and embark on our journeys home, but we will still have each other in our hearts. 

After this class you will: 

  • Feel more prepared to manage a real-life survival situation (urban or in the wild)

  • Have skills to live more comfortably outside and in the wilderness

  • Feel more confident in life and your ability to be self-reliant

  • Feel nourished by your connection with nature and new women friends

  • Be more in touch with and your own intuition and innate creativity

  • Feel inspired by everything you learned and experienced this week

  • Feel a sense of belonging, to nature, your ancestors and your new circle of sisters

  • Find yourself walking a new way of being in this world

Caution: This may be a life changing experience and we are here to support you in your journey!


Meet Your Instructors:

Jessie Krebs | A former Air Force SERE instructor, founder of OWLS Skills (outdoorsy women learning survival skills), and MasterClass instructor. She has been teaching survival skills for over 30 years and is especially passionate about empowering women and girls to feel comfortable and connected in the outdoors.

Karie Lee Knoke | An Ancestral/Wilderness Skills Instructor, founder of Sacred Cedars Wilderness School, an Herbalist and Energy Medicine Practitioner.  She has been teaching for 15 years and lives off-grid in a yurt for 23 years, connected to nothing by nature.  Her water comes from the sky; warmth from the trees; she hunts and forages for food and medicine from the plants and wildlife; all "waste" is composted and returned to the forest to be recycled.

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