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Herbal First Aid





About the Course

Did you know that all pharmaceutical drugs are synthetic creations of what already exists in nature?  


What if you were in a first aid situation, and there is no store nearby? Wouldn’t it be great to know what plants can help you? 


Whether you got stung by a bee, or have a cut that won’t stop bleeding, a skin irritation or a digestive issue, plants have complex natural healing properties far beyond what a synthetic product has to offer.


I have put together an herbal first aid kit that contains just about everything you would need to treat a first aid wound (minus the bandages), so that you have these powerful plant remedies on hand.  This kit is designed to complement your conventional first aid kit. Using herbal remedies allows you to use nature’s medicine as it was originally designed.

In this class you will learn:- What plants are used in first aid

- How to identify and gather them- The healing properties of each plant

- How to make oils from fresh plants

- What plants are synergistic (some plants become more powerful when combined)

- How to apply them to ouchies

- How easily the kit can be used


As a class participant, you will receive the Backpacker’s Edition of the Herbal First Aid Kit.  You can upgrade to the Family Sized Kit for an additional $70 and receive three times as much product.

P.S. If you want to learn more about foraging for wild medicines, come join us for the Wild Edible & Medicinal Foraging class this June.  


And if you want to learn how to make an herbal salve, stay connected for an upcoming salve making class.


231 N 3rd Ave suite 105, Sandpoint, ID, USA

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