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Class and Workshop Offerings

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Immerse In The Sacred Cedars Life

Wild Edible & Medicinal Foraging

Spring is the time to collect food and make medicines. There is so much food in the forests right now, more than what’s in the garden! Plus, many medicinal plants as well. I’m offering a 4.5-hour class where we will explore the plants and classify what is edible, medicinal, and utilitarian. An edible plant may be edible, but is it palatable? for survival situations only? or absolutely yummy?!


Buckskin is nature’s fabric.  It is more durable than Carhartts, flexible, washable, and super soft against your skin.  Come learn this amazing art of our ancestors.  You can use buckskin to make clothing, purses, bags, moccasins, blankets, or whatever you dream up.  Learn to connect and honor the deer people.

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Love, Passion and Procreation of Fire!

Listen to this magical love story of how fire came to be, and perhaps you'll find that making a bow drill fire is easier than you imagined.  Learn about the energies of fire and how to embrace its power. Bring your favorite bow drill kit or hand drill kit if you have one.  Let's make love and create fire!  This class is for adults only, obviously.

All About Nettles

How can you possibly live without Stinging Nettle in your life?!  That's how you'll feel after you take this class.  We will cover harvesting techniques, making cordage, edible and medicinal qualities, and flower essences (did you know that Nettles have a male AND a female flower?) and we will explore the energy that the plant holds.   This plant is not only a super-food, but it has the capabilities to heal on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels of our being.  And you can make fire with it!

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Emergency Energy Medicine

What would you do if someone was having a heart attack and you have no help, no communication, no first aid kit, no medical training?  Or someone goes into anaphylactic shock and you don't have no Epi-pen or Benadryl?  This class gives you techniques that can help you in emergency situations, and only requires the use of your hands.  This ancient knowledge has been used for thousands of years. Learn to use energy medicine to help save a life or at least improve your situation until help arrives.

Yurt Living, Self-Sufficiency and Off-Grid

Living in the Round in a Square Society.  Ancestral skills are inspiring and ignite the primal core of our beings, but how do we integrate them into our modern lifestyle?  We’ll talk about yurt living, humanure, rain collection, wood heat, food procurement and storage, and how to release yourself from the box.

I have been living off-grid in a yurt for 20 years, 8 years with no power (not even solar) or refrigeration.  I’d love to share how I’ve incorporated primitive skills into my home life.

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Bunny-Lined Beaded Buckskin Baby Booties

Every baby deserves a pair of these stylie Booties!  Make a pair of these incredible baby booties using hand-made buckskin, lined with soft bunny fur to keep their toes warm.  Babies love to see color, so bling them up with decorative beads with designs to fit their personality, creating their own signature booties.  This is a Baby-friendly and Nursing Mama class!

Ceremonial Hand Drum Making Class

The Drum...the drum that sounds the rhythm...the rhythm of the heartbeat...the heartbeat of the Mother...the Mother Earth that supports all life...the lives of our ancestors...the ancestors that birthed us...from one heart to the next, to the next, and on down the line. We are all connected by this heartbeat. The drum, connects us to that ancestral heartbeat, where we can access our wisdom, that magical place where everything is possible.

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